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We’re proud that Max e-Grants is making a big difference to the futures of New Zealand children. Schools and parents report that the grants have provided opportunities that have ongoing positive effects on children’s lives – evidence that small amounts really can make a big difference in our communities.

Please read our recent examples of how Max e-Grants has made a difference to a child's life through improved educational participation (names have been changed to protect privacy).


Case Study One: No Stationery Stress in 2015

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There’s a sense of excitement about the beginning of a new school year, most children return to school in high spirits and ready for the year ahead. But sadly, this is not the case for all children. Being decile one, H. Primary School has many children from low income families, single parent and beneficiary families, as well as children with high special needs (learning, behavioural and medical). Each year some families are not able to pay for the correct books and other stationery items needed and the children feel anxious about not having the right resources for school, and embarrassed about always having to borrow what is needed for class.

Our primary school recently submitted a successful Max e-Grant application to help those families who would have suffered further financial difficulties if the school were to seek payment for their childrens' stationery. Nine families and twenty children have benefited from this grant which will ensure that they have the correct books and other stationery items needed at the start of the year.

Although it is a small amount for each child, the benefit will flow throughout many classrooms where children will be better prepared with their books and writing materials, and teaching and learning time can be maximised.

Thanks Max e-Grants – it’s now time for everyone to be Ready, Set, Go!

Yours sincerely,


H. Primary School Principal


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Case Study Two: Last Chance For School Camp

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It’s hard when you’re the only one in class not attending school camp, trying to hide your disappointment when it’s the only topic your mates are talking about. Michael’s* Dad was injured and unable to work, and as a result his family had struggled to make ends meet, let alone have enough for him to attend school camp.

Michael’s teacher knew how much it meant for him to go on camp; he would achieve credits in risk management as well as participate in life at the alpine lodge. He knew Michael spent his spare time helping out at home, taking on responsibilities beyond his years and he didn’t want him to miss out on the opportunity to experience the camaraderie of the last Year 12 camp. He successfully applied to Max e Grants to fund Michael’s camp costs so that this most deserving young man could experience his final, much anticipated excursion outside the classroom.

Thanks Max e-Grants!

*not his real name


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Case Study Three: New Uniforms For School This Year

The last ten years have been a struggle for AR, a single mum of six children juggling two jobs, whilst supporting her children through their education. Money is tight and while they have missed out on things that other kids take for granted like holidays and Christmas gifts, they have not missed out on the love and unfailing support of their hardworking mum. Here’s AR’s story of how Max e-Grants made a difference to her family:

“Last year I was wondering how I was going to pay for my son’s college uniform and new uniforms for my youngest children as they were ripped and worn out. I was feeling so down about not being able to send my children to school looking like everyone else when I heard a knock at my door. It was my sons’ teacher telling me about this funding from Max e-Grants which she had applied for, and that my family were one of the successful recipients. I couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked and surprised it felt like I had won a million dollars! I am so appreciative for the help that this funding has given my family, we have truly been blessed.

Now I can send my children to school with pride, knowing that they feel good about themselves, and can settle in to learn and play like everyone else. Words cannot express the way I feel, thank you Max e-Grants ”


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Case Study Four: New Experiences


Purpose of Grant

The grant enabled 9 children who couldn't attend otherwise from refugee backgrounds to attend school camp.

Case Study

The children got to experience a number of new activities which could turn into possible future hobbies. The caving, rock climbing and abseiling activities also provided a degree of challenge that the majority of students had not experienced before. The successful completion of these activities has led to a visible increase in the children's self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience. A number of the children surprised both the teachers and themselves by what they were able to complete. Hopefully this new found determination will help the children to cope with challenges they may face in the future.

Also the opportunity for the children to be part of a team in a different setting also enhanced their ability to be a contributing member of a group, when overcoming challenges. For a number of the children it was also the first time that they had spent an extended amount of time away from their parents, so overcoming feelings of homesickness and associated anxieties was a big achievement for some of the children.

Letter from one of the children:

Dear Max e-Grants

Thank you for paying for my camp fees.

My favourite activity was caving because I had never done it before. My second favourite thing was abseiling because I like heights and I like jumping off things.
Camp benefited me by getting me out of my comfort zone.



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Case Study Five: Year 6 Ski Camp

Purpose of Grant

The grant assisted 21 Maori children to attend their Year 6 ski camp.

Case Study

Sledding in snow, visiting the National War Museum, jet boat ride at Huka Falls, thermal hot pools at Tokaanu, indoor rock wall climbing, for almost all children, these activities were for the very first time. For many, their first time away from home, for a lot, their first time travelling past Auckland. The reality for the children from the top of the North Island is that they may never experience the snow in their childhood and for many, maybe even well into their adult life. The activities experienced on this trip created lifelong memories the children with never forget. Evidence as per shown in a note below.


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Case Study Six: Thank you...

Letter from a parent whose children received a grant:



I am writing to acknowledge the very generous funding I have received from the OfficeMax/Barnardos grant scheme.

I have seven children and am finding it’s a struggle to pay for my four children’s schooling needs and this grant has taken such a burden off my day to day expenses and means that my children are able to have uniforms for the winter months. It means so much to them to have brand new uniforms, we are all so grateful.

The children are so pleased to have all their stationery requirements met so that they can complete their work in new nice books, I struggle to get their stationery paid for and the school have assisted where possible with this.

Also my children will be able to participate in school trips and do the follow up work in class, as normally I cannot afford to send them on school camps or field trips as feeding my family has to be my priority.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity shown to me and my family and I would also like to thank the school for applying on my behalf.



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