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Max e-Grants Appliction Process 

Who is eligible to apply?

The Max e-Grants programme provides small grants of up to $5,000 to Ministry of Education licensed New Zealand schools and pre-schools to support children aged 4-18 years to achieve educational participation. The aim of the programme is to support individual children or small groups of children so they won't feel isolated or left out of activities due to social or economic disadvantage beyond their control.

Each school is asked to limit their applications to ONE (1) per Grant Round. If a school lodges two applications, it is unlikely that more than one application per school will be granted.

There are only two rounds per year.

Should a school be successful in their application in one round they will not be able to apply in the round immediately following.

All successful applications must complete an acquittal form.

We strongly encourage you to read through all the FAQs to help with the success of your application.

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What is required to get a grant?

There are three stages to receiving a successful grant:

  1. The grant application
  2. The grant agreement form
  3. The grant acquittal form

All stages must be completed if successful.

When does the funding need to be spent?

Funding for the current round must be used on projects carried out between 9 July and 20 December 2022. It cannot be used retrospectively for projects underway or completed before 9 July 2022. If your project is scheduled for after 20 December 2022 then please wait and apply in the next round. 

What the grants can be used for?

Assistance may be given by way of financial support based on the following categories:

  • Equipment and resources (e.g. sports equipment, stationery)
  • Excursions or camps (e.g. annual year camps or one off excursions)
  • Extracurricular activities (e.g. club fees, swimming lessons etc.)
  • Teacher support or tutoring (e.g. in class aides, external tutoring)
  • Uniforms (e.g. sports or school)

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Additional assistance

For any other information about the Max e-Grants programme please check out our FAQs.

If you require specific help with your online application please click here for our Application Software Help Guide. There is also an example application available that may help you write your application.

Or alternatively complete this online contact form for any other questions.

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Programme Terms and Conditions

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