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Terms and Conditions

Whilst we would like to be able to assist all disadvantaged children with their educational pursuits, we have a limited pool of funds available and, as such, need to apply the following limitations, terms and conditions.


The following applications or uses of funds are not permitted under any circumstances: 

  • General fundraising projects or appeals
  • Other Foundations, Trusts, Charities and Philanthropic Organisations
  • Applications from Barnardos Early Learning Centres and Barnardos Home-Based care
  • The school applying must be involved in delivering the programme. A school can represent a partnership with other schools or community organisations. The school applying is responsible for the acquittal on behalf of the partnership.
  • Applications are not accepted for retrospective funding activities: i.e. projects that are already underway or which will commence prior to the project start date advertised for the round
  • Applications will not be accepted from parents, in-home educator providers or from students or families who are participating in home/correspondence schooling programmes
  • No applications for overseas travel for excursions, tours or school exchange programmes will be considered.

 Applications and Awards of Grants:

  • No applications by mail will be accepted. All applications must be via the official website application form.
  • All applications must meet the outlined funding criteria.
  • Closing dates for applications are listed on the Max e-Grants site and may change from time to time without notice.
  • Incomplete or late applications cannot be accepted.
  • All successful Applicants will be required to complete and agree to a Grant Agreement form online before the grant will be paid directly into the successful school's bank account in one (1) single payment. No other bank details will be accepted. 
  • By providing support material to Barnardos as part of an acquittal, you warrant that you have obtained the permission and consent of the owners or any person depicted in an image to provide the support material to Barnardos and for the support material to be reproduced by Barnardos or OfficeMax or its suppliers at their absolute discretion and agree to indemnify Barnardos or OfficeMax or its suppliers against any claim, action or loss by the owner or any person depicted in an image in relation to the use or reproduction of the support material.
  • The decision of the Barnardos OfficeMax Max e-Grants Programme on all applications is final. No reasons for decisions will be given, nor will any correspondence on decisions be entered into.
  • Unsuccessful applications will NOT be automatically considered in a subsequent grant round. You must re-apply for consideration of another grant.
  • All Applicants will be notified by email of the result of their application.

Use of Funds and Reporting:

  • Please check this page for current project dates.
  • All funds awarded to successful Applicants must be spent on the agreed project, event or activity. Any requests for changes in the nature of the project, event or activity or completion dates, etc., must be made to Barnardos
  • All grant recipients are required to complete a grant acquittal report as to how the grant was utilised within six months of the completion date for the project provided on the application form.
  • Any unspent funds are to be returned to Barnardos at the same time (or earlier if known) and accounted for in accordance with the statement of expenditure contained in the grant acquittal report.

Media Coverage:

  • Successful Applicants must acknowledge the funding provided by Barnardos and OfficeMax in any media coverage or promotional activities related to the project, activity or event for which the funding has been received.
  • Requests may be made to schools to participate in media activities to promote the programme. Should this occur, there will be no identification of particular students involved unless otherwise agreed.
  • Where appropriate, grant recipients must provide Barnardos with a copy of any documentation produced as a result of the project, event or activity.
  • The Principal or director of the applicant school must be aware of this application and its purpose. 

Information and Privacy:

  • Information relating to an applicant that Barnardos collects from any applicant will be used and stored by Barnardos New Zealand in accordance with statutory and other requirements. You can view Barnardos' Privacy Policy here.
  • Information that OfficeMax collects will be stored by OfficeMax in accordance with statutory and other requirements. You can view OfficeMax’s Privacy Policy here.


  • Barnardos and OfficeMax shall not be responsible for any loss whatsoever (perceived or otherwise) suffered by an Applicant as a result of their involvement in the application or grant process.
  • All Applicants must indemnify Barnardos and OfficeMax insofar as any activities relevant to the funding are concerned.
  • By using this website, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Barnardos and OfficeMax from all damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable lawyer’s fees and costs, arising out of any of the following:
    • (a) any activity relating to your internet account, including negligent or wrongful conduct by you or anyone using this website through your internet account;
    • (b) your breach of any provisions of these Terms and Conditions;
    • (c) any other matter regarding this website and your use of it.
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  • You acknowledge and agree that Linked Sites are not under the control of either Barnardos or OfficeMax and that neither party is liable nor responsible for:
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