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There are two rounds per year. The dates for the current round are as follows:

Max e-Grants Appliction Process 2018-19 

Who is eligible to apply?

The Max e-Grants programme provides small grants of up to $5,000 per grant to schools and pre-schools/long daycare centres/kindergartens. The programme supports children aged 4-18 years. This grants programme only takes applications from schools in New Zealand. Schools need to be registered with their relevant government education department within New Zealand.

Each school is required to limit their applications to ONE (1) per Application Period. If a school lodges two applications, neither application will be assessed and both applications will be made ineligible.

Should a school be successful in their application, on behalf of a child or group of children for one item/activity, they can apply again once an acquittal has been completed.

No applications will be considered from a school with outstanding acquittals for previous grants.

To find out more about the Max e-Grants programme please read our FAQs.

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When does the funding need to be spent?

Funding for the current round must be used on projects carried out between 28 January and 5 July 2019. It cannot be used retrospectively for projects underway before 28 January 2019.


What the grants can be used for

Assistance may be given by way of financial support for:

  • Uniforms 
  • School supplies/equipment 
  • School books/texts 
  • Sporting equipment 
  • Tutoring external/tutoring in class 
  • School excursions (year excursions, school camps) 
  • Extracurricular activities (such as club fees)

This is not a definitive list and other needs may be considered on a case by case basis so long as they are linked to educational participation. The grants are for students experiencing disadvantage and related isolation. 

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Additional assistance

For any other information about the Max e-Grants programme please check out our FAQs.

If you require specific help with your online application please click here for our Help Guide.

Or alternatively complete this online contact form for any other questions.

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Programme Terms and Conditions

Click here for details.


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