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Max e-Grants

Max e-Grants is a community partnership brought to you by OfficeMax in conjunction with child welfare charity Barnardos. The programme provides small grants of up to $5,000 to New Zealand schools and pre-schools to support children (4-18 years) experiencing significant disadvantage to support, promote and encourage their educational potential and outcomes.

Education is a crucial strategy in reducing poverty and disadvantage and developing self-esteem and it’s as important to children as food, shelter and a loving family. Education provides children with the tools and knowledge that they need to understand and participate in today's world. Sadly, not all children get the same chances in life.

Max e-Grants aims to support individual children or groups of children experiencing major disadvantage so they can join in activities at school. A major aim of the programme is to avoid individual isolation so that a child or young person experiencing disadvantage does not feel isolated due to circumstances beyond their control. Isolation can be caused by geographical, economic or social disadvantage and the grants programme tries to address this so that children at school can join in activities with their cohort and not feel left out. A priority for the programme is to support children living in isolated rural and remote areas and recently settled refugee or migrant communities.

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Barnardos is a leading child welfare charity and provides child and family services in communities around the country. Barnardos works with families and communities facing issues such as violence, poverty, substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness, to keep children safe at home.  

Children in these families have gone through exceptionally difficult circumstances in their young lives. Many have been hurt or neglected by the very people meant to care for and protect them. We believe they should be given the support they need to make the most of their lives and reach their potential. By supporting the work of Barnardos you can create new dreams and outcomes to offer the adults of tomorrow a future free from neglect.  

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OfficeMax is a leader in both business-to-business office product solutions and retail office products. Our mission is simple - we help our customers do their best work. We’re passionate about ensuring that children have all the opportunities that they deserve which is why our community programmes have one common theme – kids.

We are proud to give back to the community through Max e-Grants to help disadvantaged Kiwi children with their education and provide them with the resources that they need to help further their education.

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